Gettin Fit

This year the gym that I normally go to tried to charge e a $50 activation fee when they have never done that before and I’ve been going there for about 5 years. I go on and off throughout the year when I’m home on break from college. I didn’t want to spend this extra $50 when I figured they’d just charge me again when I wanted to reactivate during Christmas break. Garvin Height Stairs.jpg

I made it my goal to stay fit this summer but to do it in new and creative ways! Lately I’ve been going hiking, which sounds easy enough. Until you get half way up the bluff and it turns into stairs. Which is great, stairs are great for you…..until I turn them into stair sprints and they turn into my worst enemy; however, after I do them I feel amazing! I like the fact that each week I can tell I’m getting better at them and my endurance is lasting longer and longer.

The other thing I’ve been doing is using the FitStar app! It’s an app created by the makers of FitBit. It’s a free app, you only have to pay for certain Fit Star.jpgprograms but if you choose not to use them then it’s all free! They programs aren’t hard, they’d be better for a beginner to follow but you can make them more difficult by doing two back to back, adding weights, or doing extra reps. I personally like to try to add weights into the moves that I can! Or I use the rest periods to add in 30 Seconds of jumping jacks! This app also tracks how many reps you did of each move, for how long you did each of the cardio moves, and how many different sessions you did. It’s just a nice way to change up my routine when I’m not exactly sure what to do next!

Last but not least, I bought some resistance bands from Amazon. i have some weights but I know that there are quite a few things that you can do with bands also. Plus they’re cheap, I bought a 5 pack for $8 yesterday. I’m hoping to start incorporating them into my routine starting like Monday and seeing an improvement in my fitness!

I would do more outdoor running but I get awful shin splints and breaking my pelvis a few years back just adds complications to running, I’m basically an old lady when it comes to high impact sports. I have gotten back into biking though! I started riding to work some days, when I get done before 10 pm and it’s not raining or anything. I feel like this is a really good way to get some extra cardio in while saving some gas money!

That’s all I have for you today, I might post a few HIIT workouts that I do next week. Depends on how ambitious I’m feeling after work next week.



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