Learning About My Bod

It’s safe to say that I last on the Ketogenic diet for about 3 and half days. It wasn’t that it was unbearable or that I was going through the Keto Flu, I actually really enjoyed eating very high fat.

I was had a huge craving for a banana, of all things, a simple banana is what took me down. On the Ketogenic diet I couldn’t have a simple, healthy banana because it would have screwed up my whole day of carbs. That’s how I knew that I couldn’t continue this Fatsway of eating!

It was Day 3: I felt great, I wasn’t tired or hungry and I didn’t crash at all. My body was super happy and I feel amazing. I couldn’t deprive my body like that though. I kept telling myself I couldn’t have a banana and that’s when I called it quits. I went a little haywire after that, eating a few too many pieces of bread!

I am now back to eating THE RIGHT portion size of things! I did learn in this three day stretch that my body loves healthy fats and that I should incorporate more eggs, avocados, coconut oil, and nuts into my diet in order to keep feeling this good. Ketogenic is now out but the healthy fats will stay 🙂



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