More Sunshine, Less Indoor Time

This summer, my goal is to be outside a majority of the time. Obviously that’s sometimes unrealistic considering I work at a bar, that’s indoors, I need to sleep, indoors, and sometimes I just need a small break, indoors. Aside from those things though, I have been spending a good chunk of time outside each day and away from this computer.

This goal has been a success already this summer! Everyday I’ve been finding a way to get outside, that may be in the form of hiking, bike riding, a walk, or heading to the beach. I’m still mustering up the courage to start exercising and doing my HIIT workouts outside; it doesn’t help that we’ve gotten oodles of rain lately so everywhere that I would do these workouts is sopping wet. But hey, eventually I’ll get there.

Today, I don’t have a whole lot of energy. I’m not looking forward to working until 1 am and I didn’t really feel like exercising. I just wanted to swim around my local aquatic center and be in the sun. I thought the pool opened at noon, so I waited until noon, got to the pool and there’s a nice big sign that says they open on June 10th…… So that ruined those plans. I still wanted to go outside and was already lubed up in sunscreen so I headed to the local beach! Normally, I don’t have the courage to hop in and swim because it’s green and you can see the goose poops. But hey, I grew up in the Mississippi, I can do this.

Turns out, I couldn’t do it. The water was actually super clear and nice looking. But it was cold, it was bone cold! I forgot how long it takes for the lake to get warmer this time year. So I laid out for around an hour and a half and then I got bored, I don’t sit still well. So I ended up walking around and making a very large turtle friend! He ended up running away from me when I even got relatively close but none the less, we’re still buds now.

As you can see, I didn’t make my goal of being active outside really but I did get to go outside. Which is the best feeling, I love the sunshine and the little baby sweat I break when it’s beautiful outside.



One thought on “More Sunshine, Less Indoor Time

  1. boldnaivete June 2, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    Ditto! Soaking up the sun & gettying a daily dose of vitamin-D is definitely on the To Do this summer! 😎☀️

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