The Big Move

I’m in the process of slowly moving into the house that I’m going to be renting for, hopefully, the rest of my college career. I would prefer to not move out since I’ll be graduating winter of 2018!!!

Anyhoo, I’ve been trying to pack up and move things in slow bursts instead of one big giant move since I’m very busy and will be living at home, my parents house, for the summer. It’s a struggle to decide what should stay and what should go! However, I’ve made it a goal to pack up and organize a few things every day.

Have I followed this goal to a T? No. No I have not. Salt Lamp

I have packed quite a bit of my clothing that I won’t be wearing this summer and I’m making sure I bring my furniture that isn’t really necessary at my permanent house, like lamps. I’ve never thought about why I have three lamps in my room, I just know I do. I’ll be taking my favorite Himalayan Salt Lamp with me though! It doesn’t provide much light but it’s super cute and I love how soft and subtle it is.

I also realized the other day that I had a lot of s**t and not a whole lot of shelving space. But I’m kind of one of those hippie types so I didn’t want to just go out and buy some random mumbo jumbo that was a piece of crap and was going to fall apart on me when I could buy something refurnished and beautiful for cheap.

Marla's.jpgI then headed to Marla’s in Wabasha, Minnesota. They have some really cute furniture that’s good quality. They’ll even jazz it up before you buy it and they sell things for dirt cheap. It’s the tiniest little store in the tiniest little town but literally everything is for sale. The shelf I bought was being used to display things but as soon as I bought it, everything got moved off of my shelf and onto the surrounding furniture. Which also meant the floor. But hey, gotta do whatcha gotta do!

I’ve been trying to furnish my new home in a cheap way but while also making purchases that will benefit me in the future. Like the bed spread I’m going to buy on Thursday, it’s only $19 but it’s a shade of grey that will go with any color I ever choose! I also know that the white, black, and gold theme that I’ve set up is also timeless and will never go out of style. Yes, I know I just said a grey bed spread but that’s a mixture of black and white and is basically in that spectrum.

Mostly I just can’t wait to live in my home, sleep in my bed everyday with my boyfriend, and make countless memories for the next two years that I live there.



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