BBG Revamp

I do BBG periodically, I’ve never done it for the full twelve weeks because I get bored of it. I also feel like I have enough cardio in my life, I never sit still very well and when I’m working I’m on my feet for 8-10 hour days constantly moving because the bar that I tend is huge and there’s usually only one of us!

I typically throw it into my day though when I don’t know what other workout to do. Like today, I was going to go swimming but it’s a little colder than I like for swimming. Hiking was out because I’ll have spent 30 hours bar tending since Friday after tonight. I didn’t really feel like doing a intense leg oriented work out. Not that hiking is super intense but I just didn’t wanna and that’s my justification for that…..


So today I threw on my workout clothes and a pair of shoes, set up my speaker, my timer on my phone, and made sure I had the BBG Arms and Abs workout that I wanted to do ready to go.

When I do these workouts, instead of trying to reach the correct amount of reps for each exercise in order to do them all at leas one and a half times in 7 minutes. I set up a HIIT timer. I set my timer for 30 seconds, 14 times. That way I get the opportunity to do each exercise several times for 30 seconds each. I feel like I’m much better at having proper form when I do it this way, since I know I’ll get another chance at each exercise!

I just prefer doing each workout this way but hey, to each their own! If you enjoy doing them a different way, just let me know in the comments below! Maybe your way is even better than mine!



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