Free For The Week

I have the next five or so days off from work, aside from my 14 hours that I spend in the hospital a week, I’m free to do whatever I please.

It’s been kinda chilly here, low 60’s and windy too. So I’ve trying to brainstorm a list of activities for me to do so that I don’t eat my body weight in food or spend an excessive amount of money online this week or adopt a puppy (might happen anyways but lets not rush things).

Here Begins The List Of Things To Alleviate Boredom

  1. Hiking (Garvin, Jon Latch, Sugar Loaf).
  2. Swimming (If sunny and not a lot of wind).
  3. Head to La Crosse with Violet for some retail therapy (I know I said I wouldn’t but I need a dress for a wedding so it’s fine.)
  4. Finish some pamphlets for Diabetes Education.
  5. Harass Ryan on the phone.
  6. Head for a bike ride.
  7. Go visit Dakota and his kittens.
  8. Make some Keto Bread.
  9. Dedicate myself, finally, to stay on a workout schedule.
  10. Binge watch a Netflix show (Currently it’s the Carrie Diaries, next is Shameless).
  11. Roll around in a pile of my tip money before it gets handed over to my landlord for rent.
  12. Go see Cars 3 with Alex.
  13. Write another blog post (a.k.a. find inspiration for another blog post)
  14. Love my herb garden because all the rain is killing them.
  15. Pack up more of my room for Menomonie.
  16. Try my hand at painting for the first time in years.

I think this is a pretty successful list so far! It’s not very universal so it won’t apply to anyone else. Feel free to substitute names for different activities with ones of your own loved ones! Go see Cars 3 with Patricia or Shelly instead of Alex!

This is really me just brainstorming a list so that I can come back and look at it later and possibly you’ll gain some inspiration from it?

Have any ideas for me? List em’ down below! We can do all our activities together, but separately. If that makes sense.



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