Me Before You

I’m an avid Netflix scanner during the evening. After I’m spent my day outdoors, I enjoy trying to find a movie or tv show that will capture my interest. Which can be a difficult thing to do! I’m not particularly picky about what genre I watch; what I’m picky about is the quality of the content that I’m being shown.

I typically enjoy documentaries because they’re teaching me something and I love learning. I tend to like reality sort of tv shows as well, things like Shameless (not a reality show but also has no real plot and just sort of shows a family living) or Survivor or Big Brother. Watching people go up against each other and seeing how they’re going to try to survive longer than anyone else is very fascinating to me.

The other night I was scoping out Amazon Prime Videos, something I don’t do often, and I stumbled upon “Me Before You”. I knew it was a book and I really wanted to see it when it first came out to theaters! It looked so cute and I couldn’t resist seeing if it could capture my attention.

Okay, this movie made me feel. I was probably crying for the last half hour of the film. I’m not talking like ridiculous sobbing but just sad little tears because I knew what was going to happen and I also knew what I didn’t want to happen and my god did I cry!

The plot is good, I’ve never read or seen anything with quite the same story line! I really enjoyed it and I’m sure I’ll watch it again with Ashton or Ryan and I’ll cry those same sad little tears again and again. I’m also trying to get my mom to watch it because I know she’ll cry and then I won’t be all alone in my crying.

I would recommend this movie but I would also recommend some ice cream and some tissues. Maybe it’s not actually that sad and it’s just me! Regardless, I still cried but I thought it was a lovely movie and I’ll be watching it, and probably crying, again.



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