Two Decades Old

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a wonderful birthday! I ended up actually having to work for 9 and a half hours but that’s okay because all the regulars at the bar knew it was my birthday and they sang me songs and the Shakespeare cast was super understanding and tried to buy me alcohol and Kaila bought me sushi for dinner, chocolate for my life to be great, and then spend the entire night with me at the bar. It was great and it was wonderful and I loved turning two decades old yesterday.

My real birthday celebration was on Friday. My mom and I went on a date day! First we

Suncrest Farms.jpg

just went on a super long walk and then took a nap……. Then we headed over to play some Putt Putt. I used to really like golf in high school and I would play all the time! I kind a fell out of it but I still love me a game of Putt Putt!


I always get to choose the place where I want to eat and I had settled on Suncrest Farms! It’s this super cute little farm out in the country, they’re all natural with their composting toilets and their recycling and composting bins. I was really happy to go there and enjoyed my time and the pizza!

I had a really great birthday and I owe it to a lot of people who came together and made it the best it could be.

*Best present award goes to Ryan for getting me a fern which I promptly named Celia



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