Tasty Little Treats

When I say Treats in the title of this blog, I mean meals; However, the word Meals didn’t sound as good as the word Treats and even then, meals can be treats, right? I think so!

I spent the past week and a half of my life living alone with just my puppers. I forgot how hard it is to cook for one person. Normally my parents will eat whatever I’ve made and vise versa. When I lived with my roommates they would eat left overs and when I was with my boyfriend all the time he would devour the food because he has an ENORMOUS appetite. The kid is 6’3 but only like 165 lbs and his metabolism is ridiculous.


I discovered that eggs are my best friend. My absolute favorite food friend that I can mix with any amount of vegetables. I can make keto bread with them or I can smush them up once they’re hard boiled. The possibilities are endless.

I’ve also come to love making any sort of Taco. Fish Tacos, Beef Tacos, Breakfast Tacos, Sweet Tacos, Chicken Tacos! The possibilities are also endless for this type of food! Here I’ve got

20503965_1812517765429461_1810770780_nan example of some chicken I pan fried, lettuce mix, some cheese, avocado, salsa, and peppers.

I really just wanted to throw out a few quick ideas for any meal of the day. You can always play around with the ingredients to change them to you’re tasting! Or if you’re a vegetarian, add in some beans or tempeh to the tacos. There’s always so many options!






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