Makin’ Memories

I’m off adventuring into Colorado for the week! I’ve been visiting my grandpa for the past few days and I’m loving every second of it. Now, my grandma passed away in January of this year and this man, my grandpa, has never really lived alone or had to take care of himself food and cleaning wise. When I visited over January, I tried to teach him how to make basic foods. It’s safe to say that he didn’t pick up on these quick little cooking lessons even though he’s a very smart man.

This time around I decided to make meals that we could freeze so that he could pull them out later on and eat em up instead of eating pre-packaged frozen meals for every meal.

I’ve decided on three meals that’ll make a surplus of food to save and still be delicious. 1.Meatloaf           2. Tuna Casserole         3. Beef Stroganoff

Now, this was a bit of a challenge because the man has no spices or seasonings or food in his house. My Uncle Paul had taken all of the spices to his house to use for his family since they’d use them up before Grampy ever did. He has random bits of food too; like four jars of Prego, half used bags of different sorts of noodles, a million baggies of Tuna, 6 jars of Peanut Butter. All things like that.

I’ve only made the Meatloaf and the Tuna Casserole so far so I’ll give ya the recipes that I used for those!


1 Pound Ground Turkey,  1/2 Ranch Dressing Mix Packet, 1/4 Prego Sauce, 2 TBS bread crumbs, and Salt/Pepper.

I literally just mixed all of this stuff together, threw it in the oven, in a greased pan, for 35 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and called it a meal. It was surprisingly good, maybe a tad bit moist, but otherwise good.

Tuna Casserole

8 oz Tuna, 2 Cream of Mushroom Cans, 3/4 Cup Frozen Peas, Salt/Pepper, 3 Cups Any Type Of Noodles (I used Penne and Rigatoni because that’s what Grampy had), and a Sprinkle of Shredded Cheese.

I boiled the noodles until they were tender, I threw the rest of the ingredients together and into an ungreased pan then went. It baked for 35 minutes at 450 Degrees.

While cooking and prepping all this food isn’t the reason that I’m visiting it is nice to know that I’ve left my grandpa with options and a variety of food to eat instead of just Lean Pockets of Eggo Waffles! I know that he is truly appreciating the fact that I’m visiting and he is enjoying the time we’re spending together. I will have a post up later of our adventures together 🙂





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