Traveling Around

Last Tuesday I left for Westminster, Colorado. It’s basically on the outskirts of Denver, like a half hour from boulder. It’s right around where things are happening!

Anyways, I’ve been hanging out in Westminster with my Grampy. We’ve been going on all sorts of adventures and seeing some new things and I’m even kind of teaching him how to cook. (That’s my last post, read it if you’d like to hear about how to cook without any spices)

Anyhoo, I figured I’d share all the amazing places that we’ve been to because they are BEAUTIFUL. Would 10/10 recommend going sometime in your life if you like nature or hiking or being outdoors or even seeing mountains or water or if you’re living and you just like nice things.

First place we went to was Garden of the God’s in Colorado Springs. It was about an hour and a half drive but I spent three to four hours exploring around the place with Grampy’s dog, Izzy.

Then our second stop was supposed to be Pike’s Peak, which is once again in Colorado Springs. My niece was sick though so it was just an adventure with Grampy day so I suggested something closer! I had a friend in lives out in Colorado and I sort stalked her insta in order to find somewhere that I wanted to hike. Luckily, I found something! Button Rock Trail in Longmont, a forty minutes drive away! Once again Izzy and I hit the trails and went for a five mile hike up the mountain and it was beautiful!

You might be wondering why Grampy didnt join me on any of these hikes. He’s got some heart and back issues and walking is not his strongest skill, so he just drops me off and finds a comfy place to read and then I share all the adventures with him when I get done!

Both of these places were beautiful and I would highly recommend going to see them yourself because the pictures don’t do them justice at all.



(P.S. Wanna follow my adventures as they happen, follow my instagram!)


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