Seattle Washington

I am so so happy to be home, I can’t even explain. I literally got home an hour ago and the feeling is unreal. There’s nothing like getting to sleep in my own bed or see my doggo or wander around my own house without pants on!

Yesterday, I flew from Sea Tech airport to Denver International to Minneapolis St.Paul Airport. I spent a grand total of 12 hours in the airport with and switched time zones twice. Which isn’t so bad maybe if you’re flying internationally but I was ready to be done traveling after that.

For the past week I’ve spent my time in Everett Washington. It’s 30 miles outside of Seattle and you’d think it’d be a quaint little town but no. It has a population of 106,000. Far bigger than I expected. I was stay at my boyfriend’s apartment for the week since he had an internship out there and I missed him a whole boat load.

To be honest, I wasn’t super impressed with Everett. Maybe it was the large homeless population, the stores from Ryan’s coworkers about how they’ve had residents kidnapped a block away from the apartment complex, the heroin addictions that left needles laying around on the sidewalks, or the not one, but TWO condoms I slipped and fell on while I was there walking around on the sidewalk. 20884734_1833749073306330_1370849456_n

Even with all those issues I spent a majority of my days, while Ryan was at work, wandering the city. I walked 4 or 5 miles every day out of pure boredom, trying to find the nicer part of the city and places to explore. One day, I decided to walk to Trader Joe’s which was 6 miles round trip from his apartment. There’s just not a whole lot to do if you don’t have a car and you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on Ubers.

We did take an Amtrak train into Seattle one day though! I’ve never been on a train and I Ryan love’s trains so he enjoyed that quite a whole lot. The train station was about a mile away from Pike’s Market so we wandered that for a majority of the day and ate at this restaurant on the Pier called the Crab Pot. I’d recommend it! They had good seafood and it wasn’t overly expensive like a lot of the restaurants. I enjoyed exploring but we only had six hours in Seattle before we had to go back to Everett.


Maybe it’s because I really like enjoy exploring nature and I just went to the wrong parts of Washington. Trust me, there are some truly beautiful parts to explore. My best friend Ashton went there two weeks before me and did just that. I don’t think this is a place that I’ll be returning to unless I have a better game plan and the opportunity to explore more of Washington.

I loved my vacation but I’m so excited to start my life in a new home and to start school again and just be home.



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