Where’s the Beef?

I’ve been thinking more and ore about my meat consumption while I was on my vacation because I started eating A LOT  more meat. When I say A LOT more I mean I went from maybe eating it once every two days to have it for two meals a day! Which is a lot, especially when I haven’t really been digging the texture of meat anyways. It just hasn’t been satisfying for me lately.

Therefore, I’m going to start reducing this amount! I’m going to start incorporating more eggs, beans, and legumes into my diet. I also plan on buying some meat alternatives because ya girl likes a hamburger or some meatballs! Don’t worry folks, I’ll keep ya updated. Protein Packed Vegetarian Meals.jpg

I guess my biggest struggle with reducing the amount of meat that I’m eating is that I’m going to end up struggling to meet my protein goal everyday (Something I already struggle to do!!). My goal is to eat 125 Grams a day, this is actually lower than what I was first recommended because I couldn’t reach that goal but shhhhh that’s a secret. I’m typically already 15 or so grams under this a day so I’m hoping to find some good ways to, at least, reach 110 grams a day. I already use protein powder and I eat a lot of egg whites!

So yeah, my only problem is reaching the protein goal without just eating straight protein powder all the time! If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would love to hear them because I need help!

I will, of course, keep all of you updated as this plan continues to unfold.



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