Youtube Favorites

I’ve been really busy this past week since I’ve been starting school! This week I make an extra $2 an hour where I work and I also have a full credit load (18 credits) this semester. Which is why I haven’t been around at all this week yet! Hope you all can understand.

When I have some free time I really like watching Youtube videos and listening to Podcasts! I think that Podcasts are really great for listening to in the car on when you’re doing LISS exercises by yourself. Which is ironic because one of my favorite Podcasts is a Fitness Podcast. Whoops. I also really like Fitness Vloggers! I like seeing how they balance their lives with their fitness lives and they don’t let their fitness lifestyle take over their lives.

Youtube and Podcasts.pngA few of my favorite Youtoubers are GracefitUk, Brittany Lesser, NIkki Blackketter, Amanda Bucci, and Sarah’s Day!

Ironically, my two favorite podcasts are by two of my favorite Youtubers!

I really enjoying listening to Bucci Radio by Amanda Bucci and the Female Perspective by Brittany Lesser and Kash.

If you’re ever looking for a few Fitness Vloggers or Buisness Podcasts or just Female information Podcasts, give these ones a listen! Plus, they always talk about other vloggers and podcasters who they find very interesting. It’s a great way to find more to listen to!



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