When I’m at school, I find that my life is dictated by my planner. Without my planner I would be literally and metaphorically lost! I write down everything I need to do the day I should do it and then I write down the due date for whatever I am doing. That way I’m super, duper organized! Here’s a few more of my organization tips for the rest of you busy people 🙂

  1. Buy a planner and actually write in it. The day things need to happen, the time you’ve scheduled out for things to happen, even social events that just add happiness to your life. Write it all down and look at it every day.
  2. Sync up the calendar on your phone to your life schedule! That way you can get nice little reminders if you need them. Plus, everyone always has their phone on them so you never have to worry about lugging around a planner.
  3. For my sorority, we use an app called Gin System that links every event within in the sorority and the school together. You can also do this with Google docs with your boyfriend, roommate, or just any friends you wanna stay in touch with.
  4. Write yourself sticky notes and attach them to somewhere you look often. I find that if I attach them to my large mirror in my room I’m likely to look at it in the morning and then I won’t forget about whatever is on the note.
  5. Sometimes, I even text myself from my own phone! If I really need to remember something, I’ll text myself and then not look at the actual message so that the notification stays on my home screen!

I really hope these tips help you keep your busy life organized. I know that they help me! Between 18 credits, 13 hours of work, a sorority, and then my homework and social life I am an extremely busy lady.



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