Plant Based, Kinda

I’ve always wanted to go Vegan. Full fledged Vegan, everything about my life would be plant based. After watching Grace Fit UK’s vlog about going Plant Based I decided to try it! (Plant Based and Vegan are different, plant based = all food is plant based vegan = everything in life is plant based)

1. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than eating meat. I can walk out of the store with $30 in groceries and survive off of it for a week and a half. It’s great.

2. My body is so much happier now that I’m not eating dairy. Also I poop a lot which means I never feel bloated or backed up. (This was a common problem when eating dairy.)

3. It’s a little bit difficult living in the Midwest where everything is “Meat and Potatoes” for dinner. Potlucks are hard, thanksgiving is going to be hard af and making food for my very much so carnivore boyfriend is more difficult.

Which is why I’ve decided to compromise! In my everyday life I will eat a plant based diet, I won’t eat meat or dairy and I feel amazing. But at potlucks or thanksgiving or any other event where I can’t control the food and don’t wanna burden people, I will be a vegetarian.

I know this sounds like cheating but I think this will make it so much easier to go to events with other people and not feel like I’m burdening them on vacation or special meals. There’s not very many people who eat Plant Based in the Midwest and I think the fact that I’m really cutting back on what I’m eating is a great start. And maybe, once I’m out of college, I’ll be able to go fully Vegan!

These are just my quick run through thoughts on the topic. Aside from the difficulties of eating when other people are in charge of the foods, I still do plant based at restaurants, it’s easy and I like it a whole lot!

I think I’ll go more in depth later on to explain how I’m eating and what I’m buying!



2 thoughts on “Plant Based, Kinda

  1. Candace November 13, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    Welcome to the club! I can also vouch for loving the way I feel on a plant-based diet, but I’d also have to agree that eating with other non-vegans can be challenging. Thanks for sharing!

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