Thanksgiving Retreat

24139860_1948266535187916_1326878648_oHi again friends,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I know that I did! Ryan took me to his family cabin up in Amberg, Wisconsin. It’s basically in the U.P. It was beautiful and I loved exploring the area; I would probably move to a town that far north if there were any larger cities. I love the scenery but I also love being near a city.

We made the four hour journey up there on Wednesday morning and then we spent the

24167413_1948266735187896_1615501582_o.jpgrest of the day waiting for the rest of his family to get up there. We spent this time exploring Dave’s Falls in the State Park right behind his cabin. Dave’s Falls isn’t huge but it is pretty, it was probably a two and a half mile hike round trip. The water was freezing in certain areas and it created these really cool discs where it had started. I love every second of traveling around and exploring and I’m so happy that I got to do it with Ryan.

The rest of the trip was me just wandering around trying to find more things to explore. I get bored easily if I sit still for too long, unfortunately Ryan has no issue with this.

24115227_1948266841854552_24904556_o (1).jpgI also had to try to navigate my new found attempt at being plant based, which I mostly succeeded at! There was only one day where I went out of my way and ate a piece of cheese or we had brats for dinner so I had to have a brat. Obviously there was things that were already pre-made so I couldn’t exactly figure out what was in them but I did my very best! I’m slowly working through this whole process and I want to be successful but I also won’t be mad at myself if I slip up every now and then. But I’ll keep working on it!


I think that’s all for now! How was your Turkey Day? Tell me about it below!



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