Plant Based Macros

plantbased-dietI’ve been trying to implement a healthier lifestyle lately. Cutting out excess garbage and only eating whole, plant based foods. I just have a really hard time holding myself accountable for this….

So I’ve decided to go back to Macro Counting. I always found that writing down what I eat is a great way to make sure I stick to my plan! I had to do a bit of research on what is considered a good Plant Based Macro Split (the breakdown of carbs, protein, and fats in grams). I already knew the amount of protein I used to eat was unnecessary and that I’d have to up how many carbs I ate in a day!


Luckily a found a really good My Fitness Pal Forum on this exact topic. They said that it’s best to have a 55%/30%/15% split of Carbs, Fats, and Protein. It didn’t take me very long to calculate these, I knew that I wanted to eat around 1,800 calories a day so I just divided that up into percentages using the My Fitness Pal website! This is just a rough estimate of what I’d like to eat every day and I’m going to use this app to hold myself accountable. I let myself go over Thanksgiving break and I would like my self control to be a little bit stronger from here on out!

I plan on filling these macros with many scrumptious foods! In fact, I’m making Chickpea Curry today and I fully intend on sharing that recipe. Unless, I already have. Which is a distinct possibility.

That’s all I have for today! I hope you’re enjoying watching my journey to becoming completely Plant Based. Have any tips for me? Share them down below!





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