img_0347I️ first donated 4 years ago. I promptly fainted at the snack table after donating blood even though my iron levels were on the verge of too low…. I didn’t donate again for 3 years!

This past summer I decided to start donating blood again. I’m O+ so I can donate to anyone who’s a Positive Blood Type. Which makes me feel like I’m really helping people; I feel like I’m making a difference and it’s so easy to do! I spend around 5 minutes actually donating the blood and so the needle isn’t even in your arm for that long!

Still freaked out about the needle though? Here’s some tips and tricks to make the donation process go smoother!

1. Drink a boat load of water the day of. The more you drink, the faster the process, and the better you’ll feel.

2. Eat something with carbs before you go and donate! You’ll feel better if there’s food in your stomach.

3. Let them know that you’re nervous and they’ll do their best to make you feel better!

4. If you think you’re going to faint, tell someone. They don’t want you to faint anymore than you do.

5. Eat the snacks they offer. The sugar and the food will rejuvenate you.

I think those are all the tips I have for you! I hope this helps motivate or prompt someone to try donating for the first time because hospitals are always short on blood and you could save a life!



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