Did I mention?

Sigma Sigma Sigma.jpg

I can’t recall if I ever mentioned the fact that I joined a Sorority? I honestly have the worlds worst memory; if you tell me something, there’s a 78% chance I’ll forget everything you said.

You think I’m joking, but no. It’s real and it’s awful and that’s why I’m going to make, potentially, another post about my experience thus far!

Joining a Sorority is super outside my comfort zone. I have friends in them so I knew the basics but I never saw myself joining one! In fact, it’s the exact opposite of something I’d do. So, I did! I joined Sigma Sigma Sigma this fall and to be honest, I love it.

I love the fact that it’s motivating me to do more community service, I love that I have a group of people who will always have my back if I need them to, I love my big and my twin. I’ve never had a whole lot of female friends but it’s actually super nice! When you find the right people, you just know. You click and it’s easy and there’s not a whole lot of drama. My big, Katrina, and i sat on the couch and did arts and crafts for two hours last night and it was easy. We talked about our lives and our struggles and our upcoming semester!

Now, let’s be honest here. I don’t like every single person in my Sorority and I don’t have to. However, I do respect them and support them in their lives and I understand that we’re all in this organization together.

As a whole, I really am enjoying joining this organization and I would recommend it to anyone who’s ever thought about it. I would recommend it to anyone who’s never thought about it because I was that person. It was outside my comfort zone and I believe it helped me grow as a person.

I say, just go for it.



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