Making a Change

GardenI told you guys that I’m trying to be more and more plant based in my diet to help the environment and my overall health. WELL, I’ve also decided to buy a plot at the community garden in order to grow my own vegetables! I’m very excited to start this project even though I know it won’t actually begin for a few more months.

I’ve been talking to Ryan about wanting to join a community garden for a few weeks now and when I went to the Winter Farmers Market there was a whole booth set up on the Menomonie Community Garden! The ladies that I spoke to talked about how the garden has it’s own water system, a compost site, and a few community plots that you can take care of and pick from. These community plots are made up of asparagus, rhubarb, and raspberries. Ryan doesn’t like asparagus but he loves raspberries.

I would just start a garden at my own house but our entire back yard is a parking lot. An unspecified parking lot. So I’ll buy a half of a plot for $15 and grow my own plants all summer!

I plan on planting onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and zucchini. I buy all of these vegetables on a weekly basis anyways so why not just grow my own while surrounded by experts! That’s why I love the idea of a community garden; if my garden is struggling, I know there are plenty of people that I can reach out to and they’d be willing to help!

I can’t wait to actually start this whole process and begin eating my fresh produce.

Have any of you ever done something like this? How did it go?



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