Let’s Get Physical


I feel like I haven’t talked about my fitness routine lately. We’ve focused on my eating, my kitty kat, and other adventures I’ve gone on. But not my fitness.

I started working out with my friend Brandon a few times a week. Our schedules are a bit different and sometimes we don’t have time to meet up together but it’s still really nice to have an accountability buddy!

He adds ten pounds onto whatever I’m lifting when he thinks it’s too easy; I yell at him to lower the weight when I think his form is bad. We both have become better lifters and I’ll miss him when he graduates this weekend and can no longer lift with me.

Other than that though, I have started a new program.

A long time ago, about a year, I joined one of Nika’s winter challenges. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really committed to doing the whole program at the time. Fortunately, I got to keep the program so now I’m restarting it for myself! It incorporates a few different days, push, pull, legs, hammie’s and glutes, and then a circuit day. My roommate, who is a newbie to lifting, has also started doing this program with me! I think it adds a bit of variety to my workouts and it’s nice to have a structured plan already set out for me. I even started carrying a notebook so I can keep track of weights and the amount of reps I can do and yada yada yada!

I’m really starting to like having a program and I️ hope to get doing this one! Next semester I plan on joining in on some of the fitness classes as well because…. why not?!? They’re offered so I might as well go!

I think that’s all I have to report right now.

See you soon!



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