Traveling With a Cat

I’ve discovered, from talking to various other people, that Sid is relatively easy to deal with in the cat. She doesn’t meow, my Grandpa’s cat doesn’t stop meowing in the car. If I let her out of her carrier the only thing that happens is that I’m convinced she’s going to die because I’m going to get in a head on collision all of the sudden. She doesn’t go underneath my pedals or do anything else dumb!

So she’s a really easy one to deal with and I much appreciate this; considering I’m almost always driving in the car by myself. If Ryan is with me, he’ll take her out of her carrier and she falls asleep right on his lap.

When we are in the car, if she’s roaming around, I don’t leave out food or water for her. I don’t really want her to take a nice poop in her litter box while I’m driving 🤢

I just leave the litter box snuggly situated between my passenger side seat and the back seat. It’s perfect because it’s unable to move so I don’t have to worry about it splashing all over the place!

Sometimes I’ll give her a toy with catnip before we leave so then she mellows out all nice like before we get in the car. I just don’t like her to be stressed out.

Cat Carrier
Mr. Peanuts Cat Carrier

Originally I had a dog crate for her, that’s what I was given when I acquired her, but now I’ve got a nice mech carrier because I think she’ll be more comfy. The dog one would be best if we ever got in an accident but I’m really hoping that never happens. Also, I always buckle her carrier in so it can’t fly around! I really like the Mr. Peanut’s Cat Carrier because it has stiff bars in it that keep the sides of the carrier from folding in, it has a seat belt loop to lock it in with, and it has nice base board on the bottom so the animal feels supported if you’re carrying it by the straps! There’s also several pockets made to carry your animals things in.That is how I travel with my kitty kat, if any of you were wondering how to overcome this task.

Safe travels



2 thoughts on “Traveling With a Cat

    • inglekaitlingmailcom December 25, 2017 / 3:46 am

      My mom bought it for me after she did quite a bit of research!
      She’s the kind of person who has to research what she’s buying online.


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