Another Christmas, Another Travel

My family had always been spread out all over the place for as long as I can remember. My parents got divorced while I was still in utero and then my dad moved 4 hours away. My Christmas’s have always been about who I can see when and how much time can I spend with them.

This year, it worked out real nice. My mom had Christmas on Saturday, on Monday I made a pit stop at my Grandma’s house for her gathering, and then I traveled down to Milwaukee with Sid in tow for my father’s version of the ordeal.

I don’t mind traveling like this, it’s always been what we’ve done!

I’m nervous though for when my family of two becomes a family of three. Then another family will be added in and I won’t have any idea on what to do. This year, for instance, Ryan’s family wants me to stop by there house. This stop will had another 80 minutes to my drive no matter how I do it! Now I don’t mind driving but I️ will have already drive 3.5 hours. I’ll figure it out though, it’ll all be all right!

Do any of you have this sort of issue where your family is spread out? Let me know how you resolve it!



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