Goodbyes Are Hard

Christmas is over. Now what?

Now we’re waiting for the year to wrap itself up. We’re waiting for new beginnings to start and to feel like a new person. We’re saying goodbye to bad habits and, hopefully, bad friends. We’re going to try to say goodbye to anything that we think needs to change.

But goodbyes are hard. Goodbyes and change are one of the hardest things to happen to us. They take will power and strength. I recently just stopped talking to someone who was my best friend for several years and at one point a boyfriend. The relationship became toxic and I knew it had to end. I tried. Again and again and again to stop talking to him. But I missed him and it was hard and I had to make sure he was doing well and happy. But one day it just clicked; I realized I had to have the strength to end things otherwise I was going to be unhappy. It was not my job to make sure that he was happy at the expense of my own happiness.

So I did. I got the strength to stop the friendship and my life got exponentially better. The goodbye was hard but the result was a much sweeter life.

My goal for 2018 is to figure out my body the healthy and natural way. I’m saying goodbye to drugs and hormonal birth control (I’ll talk about this later) and instead fixing myself naturally. Hopefully.

Say goodbye to something toxic. Say goodbye and don’t look back.

I hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve!



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