Rainbow Rain Mate

Rainbown Rainmate.jpgMy goal as a cat owner is to never let my house smell like cat. I feel I’ve done a very good job of this between an assortment of candles and sprays. However; candles get expensive when you have to buy one every few weeks and sprays are full of chemicals. I wanted something that was pure, fresh, and would hopefully help my air quality instead of just masking it.

The Catfe I worked at for a while had a Rainbow Rain Mate. It was this bowl that you had to pour water into, then a fan whisked it all around, and if you added an essential oil it smelled nice too. I felt that Rain Mate really helped with the air quality and smell in the cat room!

So I put one on my Christmas list. And if you ask, you shall receive.

I promptly set up this little gadget in my make shift room for the holiday season, poured some water in, and turned it on! It came with a few oils as well, I’ve become a big fan of the Vanilla and the Eucalyptus one. I’ve always been a fan of things that smell homey and aren’t overly sweet so this isn’t a big surprise to me! I feel like the rain mate does a really great job at making my room smell fresh and clean. The room at my moms house is by no means a big room; it should smell like cat by now since we’ve been inhabiting it for a week. But it doesn’t! Which ultimately helps me meet my goal of my house never smelling like cat.

It does make a noise that resembles a white noise machine but this doesn’t bother me, considering I have to sleep with a fan on anyways. I’m not excited to have to purchase new scents but I used to be into soap making so I think those essential oils will work just as well.

The Rain Mate is a bit expensive but I think for a high quality product that’s going to last you a long time, it’s not a bad price to pay.

What did you all get for Christmas?



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