New Work Out Plans

Gabby.jpegI’m that kind of person that always has to be trying something new. Otherwise I get bored! New diet, new work out, new clothing trend (almost always in the colors blue, black, or grey. But still new.). I just like new things.

Which is why I’m attempting to be plant based this year. Day 5 seems to be going pretty smoothly. With this new plant based diet, I’ve decided to incorporate a new training guide into the mix.

I like buying guides, what can I say.

I decided to go with Gabby Male’s Get Your Sh*t Together With Gabby Guide. It was only $25 until January 1st so I figured I’d buy it! I watch Gabby’s Youtube videos and I follow her on Instagram. I really like her story and how she feels about fitness. She is all about body positive-ness and being happy with who you are. Fitness should be a supplement that adds to your life, not something that gives you anxiety or issues with food.

Moral of the story, I really like Gabby and I had no problem supporting her.

Also, the work outs kill. Maybe it’s because I haven’t worked out in a gym much over break, maybe it’s because I push myself harder with a plan, or maybe it’s because Gabby really knew how to work my muscles.

You better believe that the lower half of my body is still struggling to go upstairs after Glutes and Hammies Day.

Gabby’s guide also comes with a Facebook group; this is really awesome if you need an accountability buddy or some nutrition tips. Gabby is also pretty active on the group!

The guide is broken up into an 6 Week plan. You do each type of work out for two weeks and then on the third week they get strategically harder. There’s Glutes and Hammies, Pull Day, Push Day, Quads, and Arm Day. This guide is also jam packed full of other knowledge about supplements, cutting/bulking, cardio, and how to stay on track.

I would highly recommend this guide for a fitness newbie or if you’re just not sure what to do next!




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