I Got a New Do

I’ve had the same hair cut for five years. It’s simple and very low maintenance for me until it starts to grow out; however, I was starting to hate it.

Happy Hair, Happy Life

I have very thick, wavy, coarse hair. It gets too long, it gets too heavy, and then it doesn’t do it’s naturally wavy thing. So it’s nice when it’s short but once it gets to long.

You better believe, I’m ready to chop some of that ish off. (Peep the photo on the left for a snap shot of my hair).

I go to this woman named Jo, who runs a salon business out of her own home. She’s amazing and is the only person that I’ve ever had actually cut my hair correctly! I don’t go to anyone else besides her. Plus, she has these amazing nails that she uses to scratch your head when she washes it. Oh my god, does it feel amazing!

But I had her cut off around four inches in length, thin it out, and I then I got bangs. Now, I’ve never had bangs before. Ever. But I decided now was the right time to get some! So I showed Jo a few pictures of what I wanted!

I mean, it’s the New Year so new me, right? I guess that’s how the saying goes.

I was really scared for a long time to chop off my hair because I feel like it’s such a defining feature of my look. I mean, my hair is loud and it’s big. You know it’s me just by looking at it, even from a distance. But I feel like it was freeing, in a way, to cut off my hair into a style I’ve never had. It’ll grow back eventually so why not take the risk:?

That’s all from me today!



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