Winter Skin Blues

It’s cold in Wisconsin. I’m talking about the kind of cold where you go outside and your cheeks get so cold you can’t feel them, whenever your legs rub together it feels like needles, and if you take too hot of a shower after coming inside it hurts.

We’ve regularly been in the negatives for temperatures. It feels a bit warmer but only because we’re getting used to the temperature!

My skin has also been suffering from these nasty temperatures. Luckily, I’ve got a few tricks for dry skin!

Humidifier1. Get a humidifier! Adding moisture in the air allows the room to stay warmer. Just think about it, when it’s humid outside the world feels 80x hotter! Adding a humidifier in the winter will help add moisture to the room which will make your skin more hydrated.

2. Exfoliate your skin! When you buff the dead rough stuff of your skin, the new hydrated skin can come through! You can use a pre-made exfoliate or you can make a mix of sugar and olive oil. This way your exfoliating the skin while adding moisture back into it because of the olive oil. You can also use this for the rest of your body too! (If you use a homemade concoction, make sure you wash it off with soap otherwise you’ll be oily all day!)


3. Smoother that bad boy with moisture. In the winter I prefer applying a light moisturizer in the morning and then a thick cream before bed! I use St.Ives in the morning and a thicker cream such as Cerave at night time. I feel like applying the thicker cream at night allows my skin to really absorb all of the lotion into it.

What are you winter tricks for keeping your skin buttery smooth?



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