That Plant Based Lifestyle

VeganuaryMy, most important and biggest, New Year’s Resolution was to start eating a plant based life style. I have to say, I’m killing it!

I don’t remember the last time I bought an animal product or really even ate one. I know that a few of my foods still have milk or eggs in them because they’re things like pancake mix or cappuccino and I’m not just throwing away perfectly good food. Ya know?

This month is Veganuary, it’s when a lot of people go Vegan or try Veganism for the month of January. I would recommend signing up for the free e-mail subscription from Veganuary. They send out awesome recipes and helpful tips for living that plant based lifestyle. And it never hurts to have too much information about the food that you’re eating! Even if you don’t wanna go vegan, I think it’s super awesome to sign up for just to learn more.

(Remember, Vegan = Complete Lifestyle. Plant Based Diet = Just Diet is Plant Based.)

Maybe you’re not ready for the plunge. I get it. Do some more research, figure out what it’s all about. Sign up for some free e-mails and become fully educated. Making an educated decision is better than an uneducated one, even if you still don’t want to become vegan.

Personally, I think there’s a boat load of benefits to being Vegan or Plant Based. And I’m fully capable of making the change to be Plant Based so why wouldn’t I? That’s just how I think of it. I don’t think it was hard. I don’t consider it a sacrifice. Most of the substitutes are really delicious. I even feel like I’m making a change that’s helping the world. Which makes me feel really good.

I like the way that I feel when I eat a Plant Based Diet. I’m hoping that by sharing how I feel, when I eat this way, more people may be willing to give a Plant Based Diet a try.

Should I keep making posts about Veganism and my diet? What’s your opinion on them?



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