Volunteering and Adopting

I started volunteering at the Humane Society in Dunn County. Who doesn’t love getting Boggie.png volunteer hours while working with animals? I mean, today I walked a dog for an hour. For free. I don’t have any obligation to this dog and I still got to hang out with him for an hour!

I know I have a cat. But my first love was dogs. I grew up with English Mastiffs, three of them to be exact. They were big and they were the best cuddle buddies! We’ve got one left, Boggie is 13 years old and I can’t believe he’s still standing.

To satisfy my dog walking and loving  cravings, I head over to the Humane Society. It solves my problem and it helps out a great organization! The main employees of the Humane Society are unable to give the animals as much attention as they deserve. That’s why they have volunteers to help out with this!


I have the capability to give Sid the attentions she needs. The food, the vet appointments, the medicine, the attention, and the care she needs. That’s why I have a pet. Going into the humane society makes me realize how many animals needs someone who can do this for them. They’ve already adopted out 9 or 10 cats this month and there’s still so many that need to be adopted! I have a feeling this is a much smaller Humane Society than a lot of other places.

If you have the capability to give a pet everything they need, I strongly urge you to adopt and not shop. Also, if you don’t have that capability but still want a pet. Go out and volunteer. You’re still getting time with animals and you’ll be making a difference for that humane society.

If you have a pet, did you adopt? Tell me your story, I’d love to hear it.



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