Shopping Free Year?

I like to think I have a lot less stuff than other people. I like to think that I spend less money on new things than other people. However, that’s untrue. I like new things. I like new clothes. I LOVE new work out gear. I don’t know why but I get a sense of satisfaction from buying new things.

This year though, I’ve decided to minimize the amount of things that I’m buying. I got the idea from Abby O’Keefe’s Youtube video about her minimizing the amount of things she’s buying. She’s not doing it to save money but so that she can value the things she already has more and more! I’ve decided to join her in this! I’m also doing it to save money but hey, we’re in different positions financially.

She has a few rules for her self like she can’t do more than two experiences on herself a month (massage, nails, spa), if she needs a new something, like a pair of shoes, she can buy those, and if she has gift cards from her birthday or other events she can use those.

I made my own set of rules for this because we’re in different parts of our lives!

  1. So I’m starting an internship in June, I have to wear business casual clothes. I’ve decided that if I find something versatile for that, like black pants, I can buy it.
  2. I get to spend my Lululemon gift card on some new leggings when I got to the Mall Of America this month because I’ve been saving that bad boy!
  3. I can buy gifts and experiences. These gifts must be for other people though and these experiences can only be twice a month. Also, I have to put $100 in my savings account each month.
  4. Purchasing things like shampoo, lotions, or makeup, when I run out of them, doesn’t count towards this challenge.

I’m really hoping i can make this work. I think it’ll help me value what I already have more and I’ll save some money in the process. Hopefully, I’ll save enough money to take myself on a nice vacation!

Interested in joining me? Let me know!

I started this on the 11th of January but it’s never to late to start!



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