Doggo Heaven

26994560_2014603118554257_2077797_n.jpgLast week my dog, Apollo, passed away. He was suffering from cancer and it hit him hard the last few days of his life. He lost around 10 pounds in three days, he wasn’t eating or drinking, and the only thing that made him feel better were meds that just made him sleep all the time. He passed away in his sleep and, thankfully, he didn’t seem like he was in very much pain.

Now, we’ve had this dog for almost nine years or ten years. I lose track. It just sort of feels like he’s always been here. But this dog was the neediest, most loving dog I’ve ever met! He would just sit and wait for you to pet him and he just wanted to be near you all the time. He loved attention. He was stupid but he was also smart; which I realize doesn’t make sense. But you know those people that are super book smart and people dumb? Well, Apollo was that way.

He knew all the commands and he basically taught himself how to walk on a leash! He was awesome, I loved him and I wish I could have been there with him in the end.

I would highly recommend getting a Boxer; there was three of them in my family and they’re all amazing dogs! They’re all super friendly, good with children, and their life goal is just to be loved by someone.

I’ll miss him greatly but I hope that Doggo Heaven is everything he could ever dream of.



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