Hormonal Birth Control Pt. 2

HormonI did it, I decided to jump onto the hormone free bandwagon. I’ve been off my birth control for around 3 weeks now. And I’m here to update all of you on the changes that have come from it.

Week One: I got quite a few nasty headaches the first week; which, I know can be caused by a drop in estrogen. Such as when you go off of birth control. I didn’t know if this was from the lack of birth control though or if it was from my new air purifier. The headaches started to clear up after I stopped leaving the purifier on all the time but my body also had been off of HBC for 6 or 7 days when this happened. Otherwise, I felt pretty great this week! My appetite started to decrease so I stopped binge eating so much and I wasn’t as much of a grazer.

Week Two: I haven’t been exercising as much, because I’m home and without a gym. I have been focusing more on HIIT circuits because I’m able to do them at home. So yes, I’ve been doing more cardio. I weighed myself this week and I had lost around two pounds. This was surprising to me because it was Christmas! I can’t confirm if this was from dropping the HBC or not. I also haven’t been feeling as bloated lately. My appetite still hasn’t as ravenous as it used to be. I’m hoping this is a permanent change.

Week 3: I should be getting my period soon, if it comes when it should. I know that it’s really unlikely that it will come at the right time but we can hope! My face hasn’t really broken out and nothing else has changed!

Week 4: My period did not come when it was supposed to; however, I got cramps and I felt like I was having my period. Just without the period. My face didn’t really break out but it’s not as smooth as before. Otherwise, everything else is going really well. My appetite is still down and I just feel better not taking it.

Conclusion: If you’re nervous about going off birth control, I say just do it. Worse case scenario, you have to go back on it. Nothing extremely crazy happened to me but my body may not be the same as you’re body.

Going through this experience as well or have before? Let me know!



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