Moving In and Out

MenomonieAs we all know, I was living off campus in a house with three good friends of mine. So I already moved out of my Minnesotan home. But, Ryan and I decided to get our own apartment for this next school year. We started shopping online for apartments before we decided to go and look at some.

I am so excited that we found one that we really like and we got approved for it!

Here a few of my tips and tricks for finding an apartment that you like:

  1. Search online to see what’s out there. I look at and to scoop out the market!
  2. Decided what you’re willing to give up. I knew that I wanted a one bedroom and not to just rent a bedroom in a house. I also knew that I wanted hard wood floors because carpets freak me out.
  3. See if there’s anything offered with the rent! A few of the apartments that we looked at had all the utilities included or offered free wifi or something of that sort. The one that we decided to sign a lease with offers free water and sewer!
  4. Be willing to spend a little bit more to be in an area that you want. I knew that I wanted to be close to campus and close to where Ryan works so that we could just walk everywhere. This would save us money on gas and on other expenses for my car!
  5. Ask around! See what other people in your area like and where they’ve lived. I know Ryan and I asked quite a few people how they liked their past living areas.
  6. Take a walk through of the apartments that you like! I never really know if I like a space until I get to see all the parts of it. How tall the shower head is since Ryan is 6’3. How much space the kitchen has to offer. How our furniture would fit into the room.

These are my tips to finding a house that you really like! I hope they help you find something that you truly love because I love the place that we’re moving into in June.

Did you find a good one? Let me know!



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