Step n’ Tone

I’ve decided to expand my exercise horizon!

27906336_1432426066869679_1567396879_o.jpgI mostly lift because I like lifting. It makes me feel strong. I throw in a few days of cardio activity, like running for fifteen minutes or the stair stepper at a high intensity for ten. However, one of my sorority sisters, Kelsey, teaches a few classes at the college fitness center. My New Year’s resolution was to branch out a bit more and try some new things. So I did! I even got another sister involved to go with me.

Kelsey teaches Step n’ Tone so I went to that one! She went over a few of the moves with me before class and I thought I had picked em up pretty quickly.

I did not though. Step n’ Tone got the best of me.

Let me start this off by saying that I’ve never been very good with rhythms or patterns. Keeping up with Kelsey and all the different moves changes was enough to make me look lost and like I had never been active before. I also thought this class would be easy because it wasn’t lifting.

I was also wrong about that.

I know that I’m in shape and that I am healthy. However, taking this class reminded me that I need to try new things sometimes! Every Thursday from 12:30-1:20 you will find me in Kelsey’s class trying something new and hoping that I eventually get good at it.

This week, I encourage you to try something new!

Also, I know I missed my Tuesday post. Sorry! This whole forty hours of work a week, class, sorority, and time to myself is getting the best of me. I hope to be back on track this upcoming week!




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