Carpe Diem

20668596_1822802324401005_1959012754_nI am currently twenty years old. I know that this is the prime of my life. I know that I have few responsibility and I don’t have very much holding me back from doing what I want, aside from money.  Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m using this freedom to my full advantage. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m seizing the day.

I’ve been looking into joining the Peace Corps after college because it sounds like an adventures! There’s no other time in my life when I’ll be able to do this so why not take advantage of my freedom and go do it the damn thing. The only thing. that’s currently, holding me back is Ryan. I know that he won’t go for it and that makes me sad. I don’t even want to feel like I have to give up on my dreams because the person I love doesn’t feel the same way. Which is hard.

On one hand I have something great, something beautiful that adds to my life but is in no way eccentric; and on the other, I have this idea to go on this grand adventure that not everyone goes on. Maybe when I graduate I’ll feel differently, maybe Ryan will feel differently, maybe it won’t even be an issue if I go because something has happened between us. Who knows!

I want to be able to take advantage of my life and what is available to me. I don’t want to just coast through it like so many other’s. I wan to seize the day.

Have any tips or feeling the same thing? Let’s talk about it!

-Kaitlin Ingle


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