For the first time in my life I’m in a Valentine’s Day predicament. (How could I even be in a predicament about Valentine’s Day??)

Our one year anniversary is on the 21st, exactly a week after V-Day. I don’t see the point in celebrating both so I decided we should just celebrate one thing, on the 17th because it’s in the middle.

But what should we do? That I didn’t have an answer to.

We’ve been to all the restaurants in town, we didn’t just wanna sit on the couch together, and it’s a little chilly outside to do anything outdoors.

But that’s exactly what we’re going to do! We’re going to go see some Ice castles in Stillwater. I’ve never been and it sounds childish but I still wanna go!

Other than that, we know we love each other and we don’t need gifts to remind each other of that. So my Valentine’s Day will be spent working and when I come I’ll probs Amy have homework to do. But you better believe Ryan will be sitting right next to me and we’ll still enjoy our time together even if it’s nothing special.

With love,



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