Body Update


Iv’e never been upset with how I look or how thick my thighs are or really anything. I love my body and I love myself and I’m always excited to share that message of self love.

However, I did gain a bit of weight my Sophomore year. I haven’t been upset about it at all but I also wouldn’t mind shedding a few pounds of it, ya know?

Well guys, I haven’t been doing anything super special but I’m down 7 pounds from the beginning of the year!

I went off birth control, so I lost a bit of water weight, I started incorporating more body weight, HIIT, style moves. and I started eating more veggies. I haven’t been tracking my food or being super strict on what I do and don’t eat. I’ve eaten chocolate basically everyday!

I know that there’s a lot of people following super strict diets that are making them unhappy and unhealthy. I just wanted to say that I did it and I’m still happy and healthy! I hope to lose around 15 pounds total but I won’t be heart broken if the scale doesn’t budge that low without my putting in more effort.

I just wanted to let people know that you don’t have to go to extremes; just eat a few more vegetables, add a little bit more activity, and maybe you’ll lose a few pounds easily?



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