Gettin HIIT

Yesterday it was super beautiful outside and I felt so pressured to go spend the day outside. Which I did, kind a. I went on two long walks with Alexis and my mom and I had every intention of going swimming. However, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I knew I should and I knew that it would be good for me and I knew it was beautiful outside but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I knew I had to do something though.

I threw together this little circuit for myself because I like circuits and I wanted it to be a good leg and booty day with my resistance bands! I’m really starting to incorporate them into my routine more and I’m really liking them.

The thing about resistance bands is there’s tension throughout the entire move, not just when you’re contracting your muscles to preform the main portion of the exercise! This makes them a great workout!

Leg and Booty Circuit: Do the circuit 3 times!

8 Curtsy Lunges (Each Leg):  10 Narrow Banded Squats:  10 Sumo Banded Squats

10 Clam Shells (Each Leg):  20 Banded Crab Walks:  10 Banded Hip Thrusts

I inserted a photo of clam shells (photo 1) and crab walks (photo 2) because I feel these are less well known than the other 4 exercises!

If you really wanna get a good workout, do a fourth run through this circuit but do as many reps as you can until you can’t go on, with proper form, any longer! That would be the burn out circuit to really target your booty!

I enjoy making my own sorts of circuits because then I can incorporate whatever I want into them. A lot of the times, between circuits I’ll for 30-45 seconds of jumping jacks just to get my blood moving and my heart beating! Or you can time these exercises, so say you’d do each exercise for 45 seconds and then repeat that four times. This circuit would only take you 18 minutes then and you’d be getting a good workout in that short amount of time!

Let me know if you try it or any other workout ideas you have!


Fit Bit Alta: Review

I’ve been a big fan of Fitbit; I feel it really helps me feel motivated to get up and get moving! I recently upgraded to the Fitbit Alta from the Fitbit One. I really wanted something that was more permanently on my wrist and I didn’t have to worry about re-sticking to my pants or bra or whatever.

Fitbit.pngI got the Alta in the purple shade because who doesn’t love purple? It’s such a nice color that goes with a lot of the other colors that I wear. A.K.A. black and grey and white and purple.

Upon receiving this band, I promptly bought a leather band from Amazon. I just thought that this would be more secure and actually look nice when I had to dress up for an event.

I really like the Alta, I love how it’s on my wrist and I don’t attach it to a pocket, I love how it looks like a watch, I love how it buzzes every hour, in my activity hours, and reminds me to get up and move if I haven’t reached my step goal for the hour. I think this is a really fine piece of equipment and it’s not too bulky or ugly and I just really like it!

I wish that the Alta came with the stop watch feature like the Charge does. I realize that the Charge is much larger, and more expensive than the Alta, but I like the idea of being able to have a stop watch and not us my phone on hikes or runs (lol, what am I talking about, I hate running) or really just anything. It was like a week after I bought this when the Alta HR came out, I’m always curious as to how that would have changed my fitness. Overall though, I know that having the HR isn’t really that big of a deal. There’s also no buttons on the Alta, which is how it maintains it’s sleek and slim design! Sometimes though I have to hit the screen quite a few times before it’s responsive to me. Which kinda sucks and I have no idea if it’s getting worse or if it’s the same as when I first got  it.

I think that’s all I feel about this little piece of technology! Overall, I really like it and would recommend it to others. In fact, I recommended it to my mom but she went with the Charge. So you can see where the family loyalty lies.

Anyhoo, I’m hoping to do more reviews and throw my opinion out into the already overcrowded opinion filled internet .


Free For The Week

I have the next five or so days off from work, aside from my 14 hours that I spend in the hospital a week, I’m free to do whatever I please.

It’s been kinda chilly here, low 60’s and windy too. So I’ve trying to brainstorm a list of activities for me to do so that I don’t eat my body weight in food or spend an excessive amount of money online this week or adopt a puppy (might happen anyways but lets not rush things).

Here Begins The List Of Things To Alleviate Boredom

  1. Hiking (Garvin, Jon Latch, Sugar Loaf).
  2. Swimming (If sunny and not a lot of wind).
  3. Head to La Crosse with Violet for some retail therapy (I know I said I wouldn’t but I need a dress for a wedding so it’s fine.)
  4. Finish some pamphlets for Diabetes Education.
  5. Harass Ryan on the phone.
  6. Head for a bike ride.
  7. Go visit Dakota and his kittens.
  8. Make some Keto Bread.
  9. Dedicate myself, finally, to stay on a workout schedule.
  10. Binge watch a Netflix show (Currently it’s the Carrie Diaries, next is Shameless).
  11. Roll around in a pile of my tip money before it gets handed over to my landlord for rent.
  12. Go see Cars 3 with Alex.
  13. Write another blog post (a.k.a. find inspiration for another blog post)
  14. Love my herb garden because all the rain is killing them.
  15. Pack up more of my room for Menomonie.
  16. Try my hand at painting for the first time in years.

I think this is a pretty successful list so far! It’s not very universal so it won’t apply to anyone else. Feel free to substitute names for different activities with ones of your own loved ones! Go see Cars 3 with Patricia or Shelly instead of Alex!

This is really me just brainstorming a list so that I can come back and look at it later and possibly you’ll gain some inspiration from it?

Have any ideas for me? List em’ down below! We can do all our activities together, but separately. If that makes sense.


Summer Solstice

Yesterday was the longest day of the year, I hope you spent all that time doing fun and meaningful things. But no pressure if you didn’t; I spent a third of it shadowing a dietitian and I did nothing productive during that 8 hour period. Wasn’t great. OH well, gotta do whatcha gotta do.

The rest of the day I spent doing productive things outside! If you haven’t heard me talk about my love for stair sprints then I love them and I did those yesterday. It was hot as

Garvin.pngheck though so by the time I got done doing 15 sprints, I was drenched in sweat!


I then went home and stuffed myself with Papa Murphy’s pizza that my mom bought so it all equaled out. I’m all about that life, food, exercise balance. The highlight of my night was when my friend, Alex, invited me to go watch the sunset on top of the bluff. It ended up getting cloudy like fifteen minutes before the sunset but it was still beautiful and I made him take a nice photo of me so it all worked out in the end!

I am a firm believer in going outside and appreciating the natural beauty of the world. Plus there were some goats on the bluff that are being used to eat the invasive plant species. Who doesn’t love goats and sunsets?




BBG Revamp

I do BBG periodically, I’ve never done it for the full twelve weeks because I get bored of it. I also feel like I have enough cardio in my life, I never sit still very well and when I’m working I’m on my feet for 8-10 hour days constantly moving because the bar that I tend is huge and there’s usually only one of us!

I typically throw it into my day though when I don’t know what other workout to do. Like today, I was going to go swimming but it’s a little colder than I like for swimming. Hiking was out because I’ll have spent 30 hours bar tending since Friday after tonight. I didn’t really feel like doing a intense leg oriented work out. Not that hiking is super intense but I just didn’t wanna and that’s my justification for that…..


So today I threw on my workout clothes and a pair of shoes, set up my speaker, my timer on my phone, and made sure I had the BBG Arms and Abs workout that I wanted to do ready to go.

When I do these workouts, instead of trying to reach the correct amount of reps for each exercise in order to do them all at leas one and a half times in 7 minutes. I set up a HIIT timer. I set my timer for 30 seconds, 14 times. That way I get the opportunity to do each exercise several times for 30 seconds each. I feel like I’m much better at having proper form when I do it this way, since I know I’ll get another chance at each exercise!

I just prefer doing each workout this way but hey, to each their own! If you enjoy doing them a different way, just let me know in the comments below! Maybe your way is even better than mine!


Makin’ Some Friends

I’m one of those types of people that doesn’t have a whole lot of friends, I have a few really close ones and not many more. I don’t have a million people I can text or a large amount of people to always hang out with. In fact, now that I’m home for the summer I have around three go to people to hang out with. However, that doesn’t always work because they also have close to full time jobs or work even more than that. My one friend, Kaila, works two jobs around 50-60 hours a week. So it’s hard, I end spending

friendsquite a bit of time on my own.

It’s interesting though because my personality would never let you think that I spend oodles of time alone. I’m really good at talking to just about anyone, I’m open, I’m

friendly, and I have a very genuine interest in what someone is talking about. You’d peg this on customer service skills but I’ve only been working a customer service job for around two years, this is just my natural personality. Which I love!

Today, I went to go to stair sprints at my former elementary school and I met a super nice janitor there and we talked for a solid half hour. We talked about his life, his weight loss goals and accomplishments, and what I was going to school for. It was really nice!

While I don’t have a whole bundle of friends that I can talk to every day or hang out with instantly, I have the skill to make friends anywhere I go. That to me is worth so much more than having a million friends.

To each there own though. I’m not saying having a million friends is bad, I’m just saying it’s not bad to keep your circle small ❤



It’s been really hot here in Minnesota. I’m talking like 80 degrees Fahrenheit before it’s even 8 am! This doesn’t sound bad to you southerners, I’m sure. But like, I can wear shorts in 40 degree weather when there’s still snow on the ground and not even be cold. My weather spectrum is much wider than yours and right now it’s hot! I’ve been trying to do everything I can to not be so hot without the help of the AC. Since next summer, I won’t have AC in my house.

That’s where so many smoothies have been coming into play! They’re perfect, I can get a whole boat load of micro nutrients in without feeling like I’m stuffing my body and they’re cold and take no cooking at all! They’re perfection in a cup. They’re the best and I’ve been drinking one or two a day. What are solid meals even?


That’s how I stumbled upon this delicious tasting, green sludge looking smoothie!

I realize that it looks like a booger but that’s because I hadn’t added anything with a whole lot of color aside from spinach this day.


Chocolate The Whey Protein: Myprotein, Spinach, Coconut Milk, Cashew Milk, Ice, Coconut Flakes, BCAA’s: Slapnutriton, Chia Seeds, and some PB2 of Peanut Butter.

This is one of my favorite smoothies to make, it takes on a lot of the coconut flavor. Which just so happens to be one of my favorite flavors!

I add all of my ingredients, except for the Chia seeds, and I blend it all up. The more ice you use, the thicker it gets. I recently heard of someone using frozen spinach bundles, instead of ice. This is apparently cheaper, spinach wise, and it can make it so they don’t waste as much spinach if they were to buy fresh. It also adds to the thickness like ice does.

After I blend it all up, I’ll add the Chia Seeds on top and stir them in. I don’t like when the

blender grinds them to bits an clean up if I put the Chia Seeds in the blender cleaning it up seems to be

more difficult.


If the color of the smoothie really turns you off, there are a few additions you can add to change it! Blueberries and Blackberries would turn it a purple color, while Strawberries

Berries.jpgor Raspberries would make it a red color. In addition, if you want some added thickness or sweetness you could add a banana. Freezing the banana first would give it added thickness.

A few other additions I sometimes add are: Cinnamon, Turmeric, Nutmeg, Pitted Dates, Heavy Whipping Cream, and sometimes I’ll top it with Kix cereal of Kamut Puffs

I hope these suggestions help you smoothie game become even stronger!


Kitchen Wizard

I’ve been really trying to make my own food more, which means I’ve been in the kitchen making my own recipes or following others in order to cut down on the amount of processed and  pre-packaged food I have to buy! This takes a little bit more time, obviously, but I love getting good results and I feel good when I get to eat something I’ve made myself.

The first thing I ever tried making was Keto Bread. This means that it’s Ketogenic friendly bread; since I like to eat more fats than carbs I decided to try making this. I’ve attempted making bread in the past. When I say attempted you should believe it becauseoh hot damn did it turn out bad. I’m not what you would call a “precise” baker, I prefer to loosely follow the directions and the measurements. I know, I know you’re not supposed to do this! I just am either lazy or undisciplined, I’m not sure which.

This Keto Bread, turned out better than I could have expected though! There are a few tweaks I’ll make next but hey, for a first attempt it went pretty well. I got the recipe from Keto Connect.

Recipe and Supplies

1 Blender or Mixer or Food Processor, 2  Bowls, Bread baking Pan 6 Eggs,

1.5 Cups Almond Flour, 3 Tbs Baking Powder, 4 Tbs Butter, A Pinch of Salt,

1/4 Tsp Cream Of Tarter (Not Necessary)

1. Preheat the oven to 375. Separate the egg whites and egg yolks into two different bowls. Add the Cream of Tartar and whip it up with the mixer until stiff peaks are formed.

2. Throw everything else into the other bowl in mix that up with your mixer. The mixture will thick, it’ll get thinner when we add the Egg White Mixture too it.

3. Pour half of the Egg White Mixture into the Egg Yolk mixture. Mix it real good. Then add the second half of the Egg White Mixture but only gently fold the two mixtures together. This is where the bread gets its volume from.

4. Grease the Baking Pan well!!! I didn’t grease mine well enough and it stuck to the pan, so it’s a wee bit lopsided but it’s fine and still delicious. Bake itfor 30-35 minutes. Then do the tooth pick test in order to make sure that it’s fully done.

I was thinking about this, and maybe it’s because I didn’t add the Cream of Tartar, but the bread could use a little flavor. I think next time I’m going to add a few different spices to jazz up the bread a bit! Maybe some Onion and Garlic Powder or fresh herbs. There are so any options!


The Big Move

I’m in the process of slowly moving into the house that I’m going to be renting for, hopefully, the rest of my college career. I would prefer to not move out since I’ll be graduating winter of 2018!!!

Anyhoo, I’ve been trying to pack up and move things in slow bursts instead of one big giant move since I’m very busy and will be living at home, my parents house, for the summer. It’s a struggle to decide what should stay and what should go! However, I’ve made it a goal to pack up and organize a few things every day.

Have I followed this goal to a T? No. No I have not. Salt Lamp

I have packed quite a bit of my clothing that I won’t be wearing this summer and I’m making sure I bring my furniture that isn’t really necessary at my permanent house, like lamps. I’ve never thought about why I have three lamps in my room, I just know I do. I’ll be taking my favorite Himalayan Salt Lamp with me though! It doesn’t provide much light but it’s super cute and I love how soft and subtle it is.

I also realized the other day that I had a lot of s**t and not a whole lot of shelving space. But I’m kind of one of those hippie types so I didn’t want to just go out and buy some random mumbo jumbo that was a piece of crap and was going to fall apart on me when I could buy something refurnished and beautiful for cheap.

Marla's.jpgI then headed to Marla’s in Wabasha, Minnesota. They have some really cute furniture that’s good quality. They’ll even jazz it up before you buy it and they sell things for dirt cheap. It’s the tiniest little store in the tiniest little town but literally everything is for sale. The shelf I bought was being used to display things but as soon as I bought it, everything got moved off of my shelf and onto the surrounding furniture. Which also meant the floor. But hey, gotta do whatcha gotta do!

I’ve been trying to furnish my new home in a cheap way but while also making purchases that will benefit me in the future. Like the bed spread I’m going to buy on Thursday, it’s only $19 but it’s a shade of grey that will go with any color I ever choose! I also know that the white, black, and gold theme that I’ve set up is also timeless and will never go out of style. Yes, I know I just said a grey bed spread but that’s a mixture of black and white and is basically in that spectrum.

Mostly I just can’t wait to live in my home, sleep in my bed everyday with my boyfriend, and make countless memories for the next two years that I live there.


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