Turkey Day

car-1I’ve decided to spend this holiday at Ryan’s cabin with his family! They invited me and I figured my mom wouldn’t miss me too much. So, here I am packing for a four hour drive, to sleep in a 1 bedroom cabin on an air mattress, with my boyfriend and his family of 5.

To be honest, I’m very excited! I really like Ryan’s family and this means I get to go adventuring. I WAS TOLD THERE’S A WATERFALL TO HIKE TO. So you know the first thing I’ll be doing, after the four hour drive, is dragging Ryan to go and see a waterfall.

OH, I’ll also be bringing Sid on this adventure. Which should be super interesting because she’s never really been in a car and she never stays anywhere but my house…..and there will be a bunny named Lilly at the cabin. I’ll keep you updated on which animal attacks the other first.

I’m just really excited to get out of town and go and do something different. I don’t particularly like sitting in a car for long periods of time, I don’t sit well, but it’ll be worth it. I’ll get to spend the holiday with people that are important to me and there’s no internet at the cabin, god bless. I could use a vacation from the internet!

I know my posts have sucked lately and I haven’t been able to get my thoughts in order so my posts are weirdly worded and don’t really flow and don’t really have a main idea. I promise I will get back to working on some great ideas with some content that everyone actually enjoys.




Let’s Talk

I want to come up with a safe space we’re we can all just chat. I want to be able to talk about anything and everything and I want to be able to do so casually. They can just be tid bits from my life or something more serious. I just need to come up with a title!

Maybe I’ll just come go with “Let’s Talk”. It’s simple, it’s straight forward, and my I am not creative at alllllll.

So here’s to my first Let’s Talk post. Let’s talk again soon, alright?


House Hold Pet

I’ve always been an animal person. I grew up with dogs my entire childhood and there’s just always been an animal around! You have no idea how hard it has been for me to not buy a pet now that I have my own home.

I got this chance though when my sorority sister got a kitten! She wasn’t able to keep the kitten at her house so she asked if she could keep it at mine. I get to play with a kitten but you pay for everything? Sounds like a deal to me! So I got this cute 8 week old black kitten named Sid ❤️

Through a series of unfortunate events my sorority sister was unable to keep Sid and asked if I would be able to take her. I think the other option was taking her to the humane society and that would have broken my heart! So of course I said yes!

So I choose the kitten and she also ended up choosing me ❤️


Plant Based, Kinda

I’ve always wanted to go Vegan. Full fledged Vegan, everything about my life would be plant based. After watching Grace Fit UK’s vlog about going Plant Based I decided to try it! (Plant Based and Vegan are different, plant based = all food is plant based vegan = everything in life is plant based)

1. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than eating meat. I can walk out of the store with $30 in groceries and survive off of it for a week and a half. It’s great.

2. My body is so much happier now that I’m not eating dairy. Also I poop a lot which means I never feel bloated or backed up. (This was a common problem when eating dairy.)

3. It’s a little bit difficult living in the Midwest where everything is “Meat and Potatoes” for dinner. Potlucks are hard, thanksgiving is going to be hard af and making food for my very much so carnivore boyfriend is more difficult.

Which is why I’ve decided to compromise! In my everyday life I will eat a plant based diet, I won’t eat meat or dairy and I feel amazing. But at potlucks or thanksgiving or any other event where I can’t control the food and don’t wanna burden people, I will be a vegetarian.

I know this sounds like cheating but I think this will make it so much easier to go to events with other people and not feel like I’m burdening them on vacation or special meals. There’s not very many people who eat Plant Based in the Midwest and I think the fact that I’m really cutting back on what I’m eating is a great start. And maybe, once I’m out of college, I’ll be able to go fully Vegan!

These are just my quick run through thoughts on the topic. Aside from the difficulties of eating when other people are in charge of the foods, I still do plant based at restaurants, it’s easy and I like it a whole lot!

I think I’ll go more in depth later on to explain how I’m eating and what I’m buying!


My Protein Review

I’ve been a customer for My Protein for around a year now. I like how cheap their products are but the quality isn’t compromised which is AMAZING. I had only ever tried the protein though: I’m a little weary of athletic clothing where I don’t know the brands since I like to lift and nobody that lifts likes a see through pair of leggings.

So yes, I was nervous. Until Hope Scope did a review saying how much she loved them! This convinced me to order a pair. Especially since there’s always discount codes running around so I got my pair for $25.

To be honest, I like them a whole lot. They’re comfy, they have little grips at the bottom so they don’t ride up your leg, they were cheap, and they aren’t see through!

I would highly recommend getting yourself a pair of these leggings because I love them and I’m sure you will too.


It’s been a while

I realize that I’ve been gone for a hot minute and I’m real sorry but life is kicking my ass lately.

Between a 18 credits semester, working to support myself, homework, a sorority, and then just everything that pops up in life in general, I am dead. The experience has been amazing and I love everything that is going on in my life BUT you’re going to have to bear with me while I put myself together!

I’ve made quite a few big life changes lately and I got an internship and I’m so excited for my future and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

We’ll talk soon, I promise



When I’m at school, I find that my life is dictated by my planner. Without my planner I would be literally and metaphorically lost! I write down everything I need to do the day I should do it and then I write down the due date for whatever I am doing. That way I’m super, duper organized! Here’s a few more of my organization tips for the rest of you busy people 🙂

  1. Buy a planner and actually write in it. The day things need to happen, the time you’ve scheduled out for things to happen, even social events that just add happiness to your life. Write it all down and look at it every day.
  2. Sync up the calendar on your phone to your life schedule! That way you can get nice little reminders if you need them. Plus, everyone always has their phone on them so you never have to worry about lugging around a planner.
  3. For my sorority, we use an app called Gin System that links every event within in the sorority and the school together. You can also do this with Google docs with your boyfriend, roommate, or just any friends you wanna stay in touch with.
  4. Write yourself sticky notes and attach them to somewhere you look often. I find that if I attach them to my large mirror in my room I’m likely to look at it in the morning and then I won’t forget about whatever is on the note.
  5. Sometimes, I even text myself from my own phone! If I really need to remember something, I’ll text myself and then not look at the actual message so that the notification stays on my home screen!

I really hope these tips help you keep your busy life organized. I know that they help me! Between 18 credits, 13 hours of work, a sorority, and then my homework and social life I am an extremely busy lady.